LSNA Conference 2020

14th Annual Conference of the Leibniz Society of North America

 University of Illinois at Chicago


Conference held virtually via Zoom

Contact John Whipple to receive the Zoom link, and to be added to the email list to receive pre-circulated papers.


Conference Schedule

Saturday, November 7th

Session 1:  10-11:20       

“Leibniz on the Order and Artifice in Reproduction”   

Evangelian Collings (Pittsburgh)

Commentator:  Larry Jorgensen (Skidmore)


Session 2:  11:30-12:50

“First Experiences and Ingredience in Leibniz’s Late Metaphysics”  

Arnaud Pelletier (Université libre de Bruxelles)

Commentator: Paul Lodge (Oxford)

Saturday, December 5th

Session 1:  10-11:20       

“Leibnizian Distance”

Jen Nguyen (Harvard)

Commentator:  Julia Jorati (UMass Amherst) 


Session 2:  11:30-12:50

“A Combinatorial Theory of Compossibility”

Jun Young Kim (University of Illinois at Chicago)

Commentator:  Yual Chiek (St. John’s)

Saturday, January 16th

Session 1:  10-11:20        

“Leibniz’s Conceptualism about Composition” 

Stephen Puryear (North Carolina State)

Commenator:  Brandon Look (Kentucky)


Session 2:  11:30-12:50

“God Can Do Otherwise:  A Defense of Act Contingency in Leibniz’s Theodicy”    

Dylan Flint (Ohio State) 

Commentator:  Chloe Armstrong (Lawrence)

Saturday, February 6th

Session 1:  10-11:20      

“The Many Ways of Mirroring God:  Leibniz on the imago Dei Thesis”

Julia Borcherding (Cambridge).

Commentator:  Marleen Rozemond (Toronto)


Session 2:  11:30-12:50

“Leibniz’s Mediation between Hobbes and Plato in Leibniz’s Philosophy of Law” 

Sören Hand (Université libre de Bruxelles)

Commentator:  Ursula Goldenbaum (Emory)

Saturday, February 27th

Session 1:  10-11:20      

“Descriptive Completeness and Circular Multitudes”   

Stefano Papa (University of Vienna)

Commentator:  Samuel Levey (Dartmouth)


Session 2:  11:30-12:30

LSNA business meeting


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