2021/22 Newsletter

LSNA Essay Contest

  • 2021 Leibniz Society Essay Competition: The winner of the 2021 essay competition is Matteo Favaretti (Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia), “Leibniz’s Appropriation of Spinoza’s Argument against Mind-Body Causation.” Congratulations!
  • Fortieth Annual Competition (2022): In an effort to encourage the study of the philosophy of Leibniz in North America and to give recognition to deserving scholars, the Leibniz Society of North America (LSNA) is continuing its annual Essay Competition. Submitted essays should be on some aspect of the philosophy of Leibniz (including his reception and his various correspondences, e.g. with female philosophers). They should be from twelve to twenty-five pages in length (double-spaced), and should be submitted by June 1, 2022. The author of the winning essay will have the option of publishing it in the Leibniz Review. To facilitate anonymous judging, the author’s name should be given only on a separate title page or cover sheet and should not appear in the body or footnotes of the paper; neither should identifiable information such as full references to publications by the author. Judges reserve the right not to name a winner in the event that none of the submissions is deemed to be of sufficient quality or suitability for the award. Full scholarly apparatus is preferred but not required; sufficiently developed works-in-progress will, therefore, have a chance in the competition and may be submitted. Previous one-time winners are encouraged to re-enter, but a given person can win the competition at most twice. Essays in French may be submitted as well as in English. Please send submissions by email attachment (Word or pdf format) to the Coordinator of the LSNA Essay Competition: Professor John Whipple, Department of Philosophy, University of Illinois at Chicago: jwhipple@uic.edu 

Sixteenth Annual Conference of the Leibniz Society of North America

The Sixteenth Annual Conference of the Leibniz Society of North America will be held at Princeton University in Princeton, NJ, on October 21–23, 2022. Papers on any aspect of Leibniz’s philosophy will be considered and should have a reading time of approximately 45 minutes. Submissions should take the form of abstracts of about 500 words in length, prepared for anonymous review. They should be submitted, as attachments to emails in PDF format, to Brandon Look (look@uky.edu). The deadline for the receipt of submissions is June 15, 2022.  Authors will be notified by July 1st of the program committee’s decision.

Minutes of Business Meeting, virtual LSNA conference, January 21, 2022

President Brandon Look opens the meeting at 2:14pm EST and makes the following announcements:

Update on finances: The funds of the LSNA cannot remain at UMass Amherst; we are looking into new options for managing the funds. Brandon Look will explore the possibility of getting non-profit status for the LSNA.

Leibniz Congress in Germany: This will take place in summer or fall 2023. The LSNA will consider organizing a doctoral seminar in connection with the Congress, possibly co-organized with the German Leibniz Gesellschaft.

Future meetings:

  • The 2022/23 conference is probably going to be in Princeton, organized by Dan Garber (but this is yet to be confirmed)
  • The 2023/24 conference will be at Harvard, hosted by Jeffrey McDonough
  • For 2024/25, we might try to organize another joint conference with SELLF, the francophone Leibniz Society

Election: there will be an election in Fall 2022 because we need new Executive Committee Members. The election will take place electronically through PDC.

History of the LSNA: Mark Kulstad is writing a history of the LSNA, which will be made available through our website when it is finished. We appreciate his efforts to record the early days of this society.

President Brandon Look closes the meeting at 2:30pm EST